Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tortilla Coast Side Note: Thank you Hilary!!

Side note about Tortilla Coast: Apparently there's a woman named Hilary who goes to Tortilla Coast and she has celiacs. Brandon (my favorite manager) says she's been great about educating the restaurant staff about Celiacs, where gluten is found, contamination, etc. Thank you, thank you Hilary! This is why it's SO important that all of us celiacs inform and explain clearly to restaurants what are needs are. I know we feel like we're being a major pain, but the more restaurants know, the better! I've found that places are so helpful and want to cater to our needs but it's imperative these places know just how serious we are about our disease and that we're not just on some version of the low carb diet...definitely a pet peeve of mine!
So again, thank you Hilary!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely! I cringe when I do this, but you're so right that we need to do it. - Kathleen

Hilary said...

Betsy...Brandon emailed me about your wonderful experience at Tortilla Coast! I went to your blog, saw your note, and just wanted to say hello. Tortilla Coast is absolutely fantastic and by far my favorite restaurant, because they take such good care of their Celiac customers. Good news on the chips...they're extremely tasty, and you can eat them if the chips are from the morning batch. It's the afternoon chips that are the problem, because by then the oil has been contaminated with the flour tortillas. If I'm heading to Tortilla Coast, I call in the morning and ask them to save some chips. Tortilla Coast is happy to accomodate, this has always worked, and I've never gotten sick. Other restaurants that have gluten free menus: Legal Seafood, Outback, Ted's Montana Grill, PF Changs, and Pei Wei. Best wishes, hilary

Betsy said...

Thanks so much, Hilary! I can't wait to go back to Tortilla Coast and get the 'morning chips!'